The basic idea of PxTrend is a very simple one:

PxTrend is the software package to achieve this with a minimum of resources. It is easy to understand and easy to install as well. Once installed each user may access the PxTrend system by a customary office pc without any further installation of software (except a web browser).

Data providers/agents can fetch data from any kind of data sources like :

  • OPC-Servers
  • SCADA-systems
  • PLC’s
_images/intro1.png _images/pxTrendIntro.png

Have a look at Screenshots to see some Web UI pages.

Those who are interested in more technical details may refer to System Overview with a blockdiagram of the software components and interfaces.

PxTrend was developed in the environment of industrial and technical processes in order to satisfy the specific requirements for these sites. There is more information about this in Features.

PxTrend is inspired by Graphite and use the fast Graphite-Whisper database library.